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Technology meets human expertise
Your net zero journey starts here.
All the tools you need for holistic carbon management in one complete platform - with one simple pricing.
Step 1
Collect your data and complete your first carbon footprint within days.
Map your company
Maintain an overview when collecting emissions by visualizing how your company is set up. Map and connect locations, products, services and more.
Log emissions faster
Quickly collect scope 1, 2 & 3 by using the fastest logging process in the industry. Upload existing footprints, if you are managing your carbon already.
Access 45.000+ emission factors
Get accurate data with over 45.000 activity-based, spend-based and custom emission factors across all industries.
Uncover hidden CO2 hotspots
Gain detailed emissions insights with our easy-to-understand analytics and customizable dashboards.
Select CO2 sources confidently
We automatically recommend material emission sources, based on the type of your location, product, service and more.
Save time and resources by connecting the systems you’re already using.
Choose more ways than one to get your data into the emission engine. Let us connect your bookkeeping software, business travel platforms, ERP systems, cloud providers and more.
Step 2
Reduce your footprint by building a longterm reduction strategy.
Avoid emissions by building scenarios
Understand your emissions before they exist. Building scenarios not only gives you financial transparency about future decisions, but also calculates the associated carbon footprint.
Set science based targets
Base your targets on the 1.5 or 2.0 degree target and comply with international regulations. In addition, you can set smaller, custom targets for individual areas of your company.
Understand your target performance at a glance
Track your carbon reduction by allocating CO2 budgets and understanding the performance across your entire operation.
Assign tasks with a few clicks
Create and assign reduction tasks to internal or external partners, or save time and use our library of proven reduction measures.
Customize your analytics dashboard
View your data in multiple dashboards, designed to be digestible to multiple levels of climate expertise.
Reduction library
We help you act.
Creating reduction scenarios yourself can seem a bit difficult at first. To help you get started, we have a variety of ready-made reduction measures that we’ve based on your companies data.
Step 3
Engage your staff by managing responsibilities, assigning tasks and creating surveys.
Assign responsibilities across your company
Assign one or more employees to collect data for an entire branch, or specific emission sources like business travel.
Manage tasks in one place
Our task manager for reduction measures keeps everyone on their toes, helping you monitor deadlines, budgets, prioritization and the progress of your reduction tasks.
Get actionable feedback
Send surveys to internal and external individuals, and download answers as diagrams in one click. Save time by using our ready-made templates for important climate topics.
Add unlimited users per account
Onboard your entire team for free, to nurture sustainability across your company.
Assign user roles flexibly
Choose from a range of user roles to swiftly manage permissions and insights across the platform.
Track incoming data
Maintain a clear overview of who logged which emissions when, and based on what data.
Educate your teams.
The latest climate knowledge at your fingertips. Engage your teams and share educational resources with them.
Step 4
Collaborate with other businesses to get better data from your supply chain.
Create your own supplier emission factors
Add more flexibility by creating custom emission factors. Request specific data from your suppliers in a matter of clicks.
Uncover your supply chain emissions
Drill down into your indirect up- and downstream emissions by connecting suppliers and collecting their data in one place, while sorting them by tCO2e.
Get Scope 3 emissions easily
Collecting Scope 3 emissions is no longer a time-intensive nightmare. Connect your suppliers and collect their data in one place to mitigate climate risk within your supply chain.
Swiftly approve external data
Maintain a high data quality by reviewing and approving external data from partners in your dashboard.
Reduce collaboratively
Significant CO2 reduction is a true team effort. Survey suppliers on their reduction potentials and assign reduction tasks to them.
Step 5
Connect experts from our database and collaborate effortlessly inside of the platform.
Connect new experts
Dive into our extensive database with ESG consultants, industry specific supply chain experts, energy efficiency consultants and many more.
Streamline collaboration inside of
Stop scattering projects across emails, calls and spreadsheets. Exchange messages, assign tasks, schedule virtual meetings and share documents within
Connect existing experts
You already work with carbon experts? Ask them to enroll in our partners program and start to work with them more efficiently in one place.
“Innovation always means transformation. embodies transformation through innovation by providing actionable insights into carbon footprints for all industrial businesses - empowering them to move into a greener future.”
Susanne Hahn
Managing Partner & CEO of SKV Invest Holding
Step 6
Communicate proudly by sharing your progress to nurture transparency and engagement.
Get certified automatically
Based on automatically traced milestones in our platform, we award you different levels of the climate action rating.
Profit from our transparency directory
Choose to populate your profile with your climate data and share your climate success in a credible way.
Engage stakeholders in your progress
Prepare custom reports to make decisions internally and share your progress externally.
Connect with consumers
Publish your climate performance figures on your transparency directory profile to showcase your engagement to consumers, partners and potential talent.
Climate action rating
Embrace a new era of environmental accountability.
Our climate action rating system provides a clear methodology to your company and gives consumers access to accurate and digestible climate data.
Step 7
Prepare for climate disclosures by assessing your ESG performance and creating audit-ready reports.
Download audit-ready GHG reports is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), supplying you with data that is ready to be audited.
Create flexible reports
Customize your reports by selecting specific scopes, emission sources, timeframes, areas of your business and including comparison periods.
Assess your ESG performance regularly
Create gap analysis, survey stakeholders, rate materiality of ESG topics and and export a first report.
Stay compliant
Remain one step ahead of changing climate regulations with our dynamic compliance checker.
Prepare ESG Reports
Your ESG performance at a glance.
We help you collect data beyond environmental performance. Get together with your stakeholders and assess the materiality of E, S and G topics, to create gap analysis and a credible ESG strategy.
Step 8
Make meaningful contributions by building an individual carbon portfolio.
Create a strategy with us
We help you define KPIs for your carbon contribution strategy, and decide on the areas of impact you aim for with your portfolio.
Choose projects from our diverse catalog
Our catalog holds globally certified projects from over 24 impact categories, giving you the freedom to choose projects that align with your values, your industry and the SDG goals you support.
Share your contributions
Download project data, images, videos and our official contributors label, and communication handbooks, to communicate accurately and credibly.
Build a custom portfolio
We assist you in creating a carbon portfolio that aligns with your company's values and preferred areas of impact.
Project Catalog
Quality and Quantity.'s catalog is filled with a wide range of thoroughly vetted climate projects spanning all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We work closely with our partners to ensure the transparency and impact of each and every project.
A platform, built for true impact.
Based on the latest science
We measure your data according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), to align with international frameworks and allow comparability across companies.
Scales with your company
Our platform grows with you, making it easy to onboard and coordinate employees’ tasks, responsibilities and automations across your company.
Data governance & security prioritizes the security of your data above all. To keep your data even safer, you can choose to sign in using different 2FA and SSO methods.
Constant innovation
We constantly make updates to our platform, ensuring the highest security standards, cutting-edge tools and the alliance with international frameworks.
Accurate emission data
Our database of scientifically verified emission factors lets you produce data you can trust, across all industries and sectors.
Resource efficiency’s tools are designed with resource efficiency in mind. Save weeks of time and money by streamlining emissions collection and collaboration in one place.
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