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Create a custom carbon portfolio with us.
Included in subscription
We help you build a strategy and create a resilient and diverse carbon portfolio.
Our experts help you curate a carbon portfolio that allows unlimited customizability.
Create a strategy with us
Before we begin creating your portfolio, we must establish goals and KPIs for your contribution strategy. Additionally, you need to decide on the average price per tonne per carbon credit (internal price per tCO2).
Choose your area of impact
Since our catalog spans 27 different project categories across the globe, we need to define one or more areas to which you want to contribute. This could include specific SDG goals, certain technologies, or projects that directly address the environmental impact of your industry.
Allocate different projects
Now it's time to select the projects and define the allocation of your previously determined internal budget. Typically, companies choose between 3-5 different climate protection projects.
Share your contributions proudly.
As soon as a company contributes to a climate protection project on our marketplace, we automatically award you our climate protection certified label.
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