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Banking & Fintech
Creating sustainable financial products
Profit with purpose. Embrace sustainable banking solutions with environmental awareness.
Why now?
Why companies in the banking industry manage their carbon.
Risk & compliance
Embracing sustainability helps the banking and fintech industry tackle financial risks tied to climate change, by assessing and managing them.
Reputation & ESG
Committing to sustainability speaks volumes about a company's responsibility. This aligns with the surge in ESG investing.
Innovative edge
Creating eco-friendly financial products, like green financing options or carbon-neutral investments, positions companies as pioneers in the industry's shift.
The financial sector plays a pivotal role in climate change, with over $1.4 trillion invested in fossil fuel projects since the Paris agreement.Banking and Fintech companies are increasingly adopting sustainable finance initiatives to redirect funds towards environmentally friendly projects.
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Get ahead of the green transition in your industry.
Export audit-ready GHG reports is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), supplying you with data that is ready to be audited.
Assess your ESG performance regularly
Create a gap analysis, rate the materiality of ESG topics, set ESG targets and generate a first report including an ESG target timeline.
Engage your stakeholders
Swiftly include your stakeholders in your sustainability journey by preparing materiality surveys for ESG topics and creating flexible GHG reports.
“Innovation always means transformation. embodies transformation through innovation by providing actionable insights into carbon footprints for all industrial businesses - empowering them to move into a greener future.”
Susanne Hahn
Managing Partner & CEO of SKV Invest Holding
Become an industry leader
it's good business
93% of investors have a strong preference for banks that prioritize sustainable and environmentally responsible investments. Green banking is no longer just a moral imperative.
The markets
$22 trillion have been globally invested in green finance instruments up to 2022. This demonstrates a powerful movement towards reducing the carbon footprint while generating substantial returns.
Facts & Figures
An encouraging 80% of major global banks are now incorporating ESG considerations into their operations. This majority showcases an industry-wide momentum towards greener finance.
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