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Measure your ESG performance together with stakeholders.
Assess your ESG performance together with stakeholders in one place.
How can assessing your ESG performance turn into a growth-driver?
In today's evolving business landscape, evaluating your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance isn't just about compliance or corporate responsibility; it's a strategic growth driver. By thoroughly assessing your ESG metrics, your company gains invaluable insights into operational efficiencies, risk management, and market opportunities. This process not only fortifies your reputation but also attracts socially conscious investors and customers, fostering trust and loyalty.
Future-proof your business and remain compliant.
Understanding your ESG performance helps you identify risks in time to develop strategies that mitigate your exposure.
Rate the materiality of ESG topics
Get together with your stakeholders and rate the materiality of ESG topics for your company from different perspectives.
Survey stakeholders and suppliers to assess ESG risks
Bases on the performance and matriality rating from you and your stakeholders, we create ESG risk and gap analysis for you.
Stay compliant
Remain one step ahead of changing climate regulations with our dynamic compliance checker.
Prepare ESG Reports
Your ESG performance at a glance.
We help you collect data beyond environmental performance. Get together with your stakeholders and assess the materiality of E, S and G topics, to create gap analysis and a credible ESG strategy.
Turn mandatory reporting into a strategic advantage.
Assessing your ESG performance in detail helps you mitigate climate risk, and set yourself apart.
Risk mitigation
Understanding your exposure to ESG risks ahead of time helps you create a code of conduct for specific areas of your operations.
Attractive employer
Rating your performance in the social pillar gives you great insight into your employees career opportinities, potential lack of training programs, diversity and more.
Survey your suppliers
Set your company apart from competitors by creating a credible ESG strategy and disclosing reports regularly.
Learn more about ESG reporting frameworks.
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