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Technology built for impact.
Empowering a greener tomorrow, today, with best-in-class features and a disruptive pricing model.
With, our mission is to make carbon management so feasible and simple that it becomes a natural part of every company’s standard operating procedure.
We believe in three main pillars, to achieve this.
Carbon management tools need to be intuitive yet technologically sophisticated and powerfull. By providing best-in-class features, we give companies the confidence to start their net-zero journey.
Fair and flexible pricing
Our All-In-One Suite with unlimited feature access, user seats and expert support, all unified under one simple pricing model redefines the way companies manage their carbon.
Expertise and support
Carbon management tools need to be intuitive and technologically sophisticated to give companies the confidence to start their net-zero journey.
Why companies choose us
We redefined carbon management by providing the first all-inclusive platform. 
Our goal is to empower every business with best-in-class tools, unlimited user accounts, and expert guidance, all unified under one simple pricing model.
Unlimited expert support
Get support every step of your climate journey at no extra charge.
Unlimited user licenses
Create as many accounts as you need for managing your carbon.
Unlimited feature access
Leverage the entire feature set without limitations.
All-inclusive pricing
Unlimited support, user licences and feature access for one price.
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our “WHY”
Right now, the way our economy grows is neither aligned with the needs of our communities nor our planet. It's time we change that.
Exceeding the 1.5°C limit poses risks such as heatwaves, coral loss, water scarcity, crop failures, and intensified climate extremes.
Time left to limit global warming to 1.5°C
Your impact
Every company's decarbonization efforts count.
Cumulative impact
Even small reductions across many companies can lead to significant overall decreases in emissions. If every company makes even a minor effort, the cumulative result is substantial.
Risk mitigation
Companies that are proactive in their sustainability efforts are better prepared for future regulations and restrictions, reducing potential financial and operational risks.
Legacy building
Companies that take active measures towards sustainability and emission reduction contribute to a larger global legacy, paving the way for a healthier planet for future generations.
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