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the all-in-one Platform
The world’s first all-inclusive carbon management platform.
Everything you need for corporate decarbonization. Unlimited tools, user licenses, data insights and personalized support, bundled into the strongest platform with one simple pricing model.
Collect carbon footprints and ESG data, build reduction plans and scenarios, collaborate with suppliers, assign tasks, comply with climate regulations and get expert support - unlimited and all-inclusive.
All-in-one platform
Our holistic platform supplies the best-in-class tools to help your company build a credible strategy and get you to net zero.
Cutting-edge tools
Save time & resources using the industry's fastest CO2-Calculator, unique APIs, smart emission targets and automated scenarios.
Simple to use
You don’t need to be an expert to start your sustainability journey. was designed for different levels of expertiese.
Get your dedicated expert
From onboarding to creating a detailed ESG strategy: your company's dedicated climate project manager is by your side.
Built for collaboration
Engage your staff, stakeholders, suppliers and external experts to collect better data and spread sustainable practices.
Plan your ROI and tCO2/€
We help you align sustainability and revenue goals by giving you the tools to calculate financial emission scenarios.
Built for efficiency
Start collecting compliance relevant data on the first day. was designed to get you started without weeks of software training. Our onboarding managers help you set up your company and show you around, so you can use to its full potential right away.
Setup your company in a matter of hours
Let’s map your operations together and start collecting emission data instantly.
Save weeks by using the fastest emission engine
Meet the industries most innovative way to turn your activities into tCO2e.
Get started quickly without software training
Know your way around our intuitive platform quickly.
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Why companies choose us
We redefined carbon management by providing the first all-inclusive platform. 
Our goal is to empower every business with best-in-class tools, unlimited user accounts, and expert guidance, all unified under one simple pricing model.
Unlimited expert support
Get support every step of your climate journey at no extra charge.
Unlimited user licenses
Create as many accounts as you need for managing your carbon.
Unlimited feature access
Leverage the entire feature set without limitations.
All-inclusive pricing
Unlimited support, user licences and feature access for one price.
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want to switch platforms?
We take care of transferring your data into our platform.
Don’t worry about transitioning from another carbon management platform to We’ll import your existing data within days, so you can continue to act straight away.
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Let us show you how can transform your company in 30 minutes.
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