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All-in-one Platform
GHG Carbon Footprint
CSRD Reporting
The first all-inclusive carbon and ESG management platform.
GHG Carbon Footprint
CSRD Reporting
Your corporate sustainability in one place: Measure, collaborate, report, reduce.
Collect carbon footprints and ESG data, build reduction plans and scenarios, collaborate with suppliers, assign tasks, create your entire CSRD report and get expert support - unlimited and all-inclusive.
Scope 1, 2, and 3 calculation (CCF)
Collect data on your company's emissions to build a foundation for decarbonization.
Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)
Collect and analyze data on your product's impact across all five life cycle stages.
Supplier data import
Connect all your suppliers to your account and request emission data from them switfly.
+45,000 emission factors
Get accurate data with over 45.000 activity-based, spend-based and custom emission factors.
+ 14 other features
CO2 hotspot analysis
Gain detailed insights into your emissions with our easy-to-understand analytics and customizable dashboards.
SBTi targets
Base your targets on the 1.5 or 2.0 degree target and comply with international regulations.
CO2 scenarios
Avoid emissions by building scenarios and gain financial transparency about future decisions.
Compensate residual emissions with climate protection projects that reflect your companies values.
+ 12 other features
Supplier emission factors
Simplify your scope 3 accounting and request emission data from your partners as products (tCO2/unit) or activities.
Supply chain analytics
Drill down into your indirect up- and downstream emissions by assessing the detailed supplier emission data.
Task management tools
Assign and manage tasks across your teams to better monitor deadlines, budgets, priorities, and progress.
Stakeholder surveys
Send surveys to internal or external individuals, and save time by using our ready-made templates.
+ 6 other features
Audit-ready GHG reports
Export your GHG emission data in an audit-ready format and publishable design.
ESG performance assessment
Create gap analysis, survey stakeholders, conduct ESG materiality ratings and export a first report.
Materiality matrix
Compare your ESG materiality ratings with those of your stakeholders to build a foundation for your ESG strategy.
Gap Analysis
Identify gaps and risks in your ESG performance, based on a detailed rating.
+ 9 other features
CSRD reporting
launching soon
Double materiality assessment
Conduct an auditable DMA of the topical standards and send surveys to your stakeholders.
Climate risk assessment
Uncover the climate risks in your value chains and identify the impact of low and high emission scenarios over time.
ESRS 2 and ESRS E1-G1 data upload
Assign topical standards to your teams or experts and upload the data types into the corresponding DR fields.
Automated scope 1/2/3 data upload
Import already collected CSRD-relevant data, such as GHG emissions, into the corresponding fields.
+ 11 other features
Diverse projects catalog
Choose certified projects from over 24 impact categories, that align with your values, industry, and SDG goals.
Custom compensation portfolio
We help you build a diversified portfolio with projects that reflect your company's preferred areas of impact.
Official compensation certification
Download your official certificate for your contribution to climate projects to prove your completed compensation.
Granular project due diligence
Every climate project in our catalog has passed a rating system that evaluates 65 individual data points.
+ 8 other features
Transparency directory profile
Choose to populate your profile with your climate data to share your sustainability success in a credible way.
Automatically assigned labels
Based on milestones tracked automatically on our platform, we award you different levels of our Climate Action Rating label.
Climate protection label
Download your dedicated Climate Protection Certified label to share your commitment with your consumers.
Media assets from climate projects
Showcase the projects you supported proudly by sharing project data and images swiftly.
+ 7 other features
launching soon
Complete your entire CSRD report in one place by accessing our powerful ESRS tools.
Simplify CSRD reporting and manage the entire creation process in one place.
Navigate the Double Materiality Assessment
Rate the materiality of the topical standards and send surveys to your stakeholders to engage them in the assessment easily.
Fast-track your ESRS data collection
Assign roles and collect your E1-G1 data, as well as climate risk information and upload it into our CSRD reporting templates.
Monitor the completion of the topical standards (E1-G1)
Assign topical standards to your employees or experts and upload the correct data types into the corresponding DR fields.
Complete the XHTML formatting and XBRL tagging
Export your report in the ESEF Format, which will be mandatory in the future, and complete the XBRL tagging.
Audit your CSRD report with the help of our experts
After your report is formatted correctly, you can grant access to auditors to complete the mandatory 3rd party assurance.
Get guidance from start to finish
As the CSRD guideline is complex for first-timers, our network of certified CSRD experts assist you every step of the way.
Assess your climate risk with a few clicks.
Uncover your value chains climate risks and identify the impact of low and high emission scenarios over different time periods.
CSRD Reporting
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