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Craft with the environment in mind
Enhance production processes with a focus on reducing carbon footprint and uncover innovation.
Why now?
Why companies in the manufacturing industry manage their carbon.
Environmental Compliance & Reputation
With global regulations tightening around emissions and sustainability, managing carbon is essential for compliance. Demonstrating a commitment to reducing carbon emissions can enhance a manufacturer's reputation, aligning with both regulatory standards and consumer demands for environmentally responsible products.
Operational Efficiency & Cost Savings
Implementing carbon reduction strategies often leads to more efficient use of energy and resources. By optimizing processes and utilizing cleaner energy sources, manufacturers can significantly reduce operational costs. Energy savings alone can translate into substantial financial benefits, freeing up substantial resources for innovation purposes.
Supply Chain Resilience & Market Opportunities
The manufacturing industry often relies on complex supply chains that can be vulnerable to climate-related disruptions. Proactive carbon management helps in building a more resilient supply chain and opens up new market opportunities. Embracing sustainability can also provide a competitive edge, attracting eco-conscious customers and partners.
The manufacturing sector accounts for about 20% of global CO2 emissions, with high energy consumption and resource-intensive processes. Transitioning to circular economy models and renewable energy sources is vital for reducing the sector's environmental impact.
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Reduce with your suppliers collaboratively
Connect with your suppliers at no charge to collaboratively drill into your supply chain emissions. This enables you to easily calculate your scope 3 emissions and establish reduction targets alongside specific partners.
Your supply chain emissions at a glance
Most manufacturers have complex supply chains. We help you uncover your hotspots, highlight the related suppliers, and optimize your supply chain, helping you to future-proof your company.
Tell your customers and potential partners about your climate action
Taking responsibility for your emissions goes a long way, especially when you communicate it well. We have many assets and tools ready for you to help you get your climate action message across.
“Innovation always means transformation. embodies transformation through innovation by providing actionable insights into carbon footprints for all industrial businesses - empowering them to move into a greener future.”
Susanne Hahn
Managing Partner & CEO of SKV Invest Holding
Become an industry leader
it's good business
Consumers are voting with their wallets: 85% of them prefer companies that demonstrate environmental responsibility in their manufacturing processes and their supply chains.
The markets
Around the globe, 57% of manufacturers have made a commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. This shows an industry-wide dedication to reducing environmental impact.
Facts & Figures
Adopting energy-efficient manufacturing processes could lead to a reduction in production costs by as much as 30%. This signifies that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand.
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