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Understand & reduce your supply chain emissions.
A clear understanding of the emissions caused by suppliers is essential for a holistic decarbonization strategy.
How can you optimize sustainability along your supply chain?
Join forces with your suppliers, to create a credible strategy for environmental stewardship. By integrating data-driven insights, you'll not only track your progress towards reduction goals but also proactively optimize and safeguard your supply chain for a sustainable future. Work together to transform your supply chain into a model of eco-friendly efficiency
Drill down into your supply chain emissions.
Swiftly collaborate with businesses along your supply chain to get better data.
Create your own supplier emission factors
Request specific information like raw material data from your suppliers as tCO2/unit and simply enter the amout of units for your products in a matter of clicks.
Uncover your supply chain emissions
Drill down into your indirect up- and downstream emissions by connecting suppliers and collecting their data in one place, while sorting them by tCO2e/supplier.
Swiftly approve external data from suppliers
Maintain a high data quality by reviewing and approving external data from suppliers and partners in your emission factor dashboard.
Reduce collaboratively
Monitor your reduction progress
Incorporate your suppliers into your reduction targets. Monitor and share the progress you are making together.
Drive sustainability from your company along your supply chain.
Knowing your supply chain emissions helps you mitigate climate risk.
Reduce collaboratively
Significant CO2 reduction is a true team effort, and requires you to drill down into scope 3. Understand the impact of your suppliers and assign reduction tasks to them.
Resilient supply chain
Knowing the emissions that are caused by suppliers will help you in making your supply chain more resilient and mitigating climate risk ahead of time.
Survey your suppliers
Collect data about reduction plans, measures and potentials from your suppliers by sending out surveys. The feedback will help you understand the chances and limitations of your own reduction possibilities.
Save time
Import custom emission factors
You already created and approved your own emission factors in collaboration with suppliers? Well done - let’s get them into your account, so you can continue to calculate your scope 3 emissions without interruptions.
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