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Climate Protection Certified Label
Make voluntary contributions to climate protection projects worldwide and earn your dedicated contributor certification.
Automated certification
Certified impact.
Make meaningful contributions, and share your engagement with others!
Automated certification
As soon as a company contributes to a climate protection project on our marketplace, we automatically award you our climate protection certified label.
Tracable impact
Make your contributions accessible in your Transparency Directory profile, allowing potential partners, employees, and stakeholders to follow your climate protection journey.
Certified Projects
Choose from a wide range of international and thoroughly vetted projects from registries like the Verified Carbon Standard or the Gold Standard.
Transparency Directory
Allow partners and consumers to track your climate journey.
Your label includes a dedicated ID number, which helps others to find your profile in our Transparency Directory.
Choose climate projects from a global marketplace.
Flexibly select one or more areas to which you want to contribute. This could include specific SDG goals, particular technologies, or projects directly addressing the environmental impact of your industry.
Create a strategy with us
We help you define KPIs for your carbon contribution strategy, and decide on the areas of impact you aim for with your portfolio.
Choose projects from our diverse catalog
Our catalog holds globally certified projects from over 24 impact categories, giving you the freedom to choose projects that align with your values, your industry and the SDG goals you support.
Share your contributions
Download your dedicated Climate Protection Certified Label, along with project data, images, videos, and communication handbooks, to ensure accurate and credible communication.
Project catalog
Quality and Quantity's catalog is filled with a wide range of thoroughly vetted climate projects spanning all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We work closely with our partners to ensure the transparency and impact of each and every project.
Offset vs. Contributions
You may have heard the term 'offset' elsewhere. At, our emphasis is on the concept of 'contribution.' This signifies a fundamentally different approach to managing emission compensation. Our method involves a comprehensive process: initially, it entails a holistic accounting of emissions, followed by the identification and implementation of reduction measures, and setting reduction targets to pinpoint residual emissions. Only after undergoing this thorough process does a company proceed to compensate for emissions.
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