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Real Estate & Development
Shape a greener future in real estate
Stay ahead of the curve and make decisions about your projects, with the environment in mind.
Why now?
Why companies in the real estate industry manage their carbon.
Sustainability mandates
The call for environmental stewardship is louder than ever, with increasing regulations and sustainability mandates shaping the future of the real estate.
Stakeholder expectations
In a world where sustainability is no longer an option but a demand, investors, tenants, and customers are looking to the real estate sector for leadership.
Cost savings and efficiency
The journey to sustainability is not just about reducing carbon emissions; it's about unlocking new avenues for efficiency and financial growth.
Buildings and construction are responsible for nearly 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions. In urban areas, commercial and residential buildings are key contributors, highlighting the critical need for sustainable development practices.
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Get ahead of the green transition in your industry.
Map your real estate portfolio in a matter of hours
Visualize and connect your office locations with ongoing construction sites and buildings in your real estate portfolio. This allows you to delve into proportionate emissions and maintain a clear overview of your current projects.
Uncover the emissions caused by the usage of your buildings
Swiftly account for the use phase of the buildings in your real estate portfolio to uncover hidden hotspots and prepare for energy-efficient refurbishments.
Calculate construction site emissions easily
Understanding which emission sources to include in your footprint can be overwhelming. We assist by offering ready-to-use templates for the use phase of your buildings and construction sites.
"The debate on Sustainability has thankfully developed to be one the central issues in Architecture.With emissions are made visible at the beginning of the design process."
Martin Murphy
Störmer Murphy and Partners
Become an industry leader
it's good business
67% of tenants and buyers in the EU are willing to pay more for sustainable buildings that prioritize energy efficiency and environmental performance.
The markets
70% of European real estate companies have set carbon reduction targets, reflecting the industry's commitment to sustainability and decarbonization.
Facts & Figures
Investments over €190 bn have been made in energy-efficient buildings in the European Union since 2014, leading to substantial reductions in carbon emissions and energy costs.
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