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Consulting & Services
Advise consciously
Guide clients with strategies that uphold environmental responsibility.
Why now?
Why companies in the consulting industry manage their carbon.
Reputation and client expectations
In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability, clients are looking for partners who share their values. By actively managing and reducing carbon emissions, consulting firms demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship, enhancing their reputation and aligning with client expectations.
Regulatory compliance and risk management
Governments and regulatory bodies are tightening environmental regulations. By proactively managing carbon emissions, consulting and services firms stay ahead of compliance requirements, minimizing legal risks and positioning themselves as industry leaders, attracting sustainably oriented clients.
Operational efficiency and cost savings
Carbon management often leads to enhanced energy efficiency and reduced business travel emissions. By identifying and implementing sustainable practices, firms in the consulting and services industry can decrease operational costs, increase efficiency, and create a more resilient and future-proof business model.
The consulting industry, while not directly a major emitter, influences corporate strategies and thus has a significant indirect impact on global emissions. Green consulting is emerging as a key area to guide businesses towards sustainability and reduced carbon footprints.
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Get ahead of the green transition in your industry.
Export audit-ready GHG reports is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), supplying you with data that is ready to be audited.
Assess your ESG performance regularly
Create a gap analysis, rate the materiality of ESG topics, set ESG targets and generate a first report including an ESG target timeline.
Engage your stakeholders
Swiftly include your stakeholders in your sustainability journey by preparing materiality surveys for ESG topics and creating flexible GHG reports.
“Innovation always means transformation. embodies transformation through innovation by providing actionable insights into carbon footprints for all industrial businesses - empowering them to move into a greener future.”
Susanne Hahn
Managing Partner & CEO of SKV Invest Holding
Become an industry leader
it's good business
Around the globe, 65% of consultancies are taking the lead by implementing internal carbon reduction targets, setting a sterling example of modern corporate sustainability.
The markets
A survey by Deloitte found that 76% of businesses view sustainability as a key driver for new investment decisions, highlighting the importance of carbon management in the consulting industry.
Facts & Figures
The sustainability consulting market is expected to reach a global value of $32 billion by 2025. This upward trend highlights the ever-increasing demand for business solutions that are environmentally conscious.
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