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Provide insurance products that account for our changing environment.
Why now?
Why companies in the insurance industry manage their carbon.
Risk Mitigation
Climate change poses significant risks to property, assets, and overall community well-being. By managing carbon emissions, insurance companies can contribute to global climate mitigation efforts, reducing the long-term risks and potential claims related to extreme weather events.
Regulatory Compliance
As governments and regulatory bodies increasingly focus on sustainability, the insurance industry may face new regulations and standards related to carbon emissions. Proactive carbon management ensures compliance and positions the company as a responsible industry leader.
Customer Expectations
Modern consumers are more environmentally conscious and often choose companies that align with their values. By demonstrating a commitment to reducing carbon emissions, insurance companies can enhance their reputation, build trust with clients, and attract environmentally-conscious customers.
The insurance industry is increasingly impacted by climate-related risks, with natural disasters causing over $210 billion in damages in 2020 alone. This sector plays a crucial role in promoting and underwriting sustainability initiatives to mitigate future risks.
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Ease of integration
Given that your industry often involves complex systems and large-scale operations, our platform’s ability to be seamlessly integrated will get you on track quickly, no matter if you log manually or automate your data collection.
Built for collaboration
Insurance companies often work with a wide array of partners, vendors, and service providers. Our collaboration tools  help you ensure that your entire supply chain is working towards shared sustainability goals.
Assess your ESG performance regularly
Create a gap analysis, rate the materiality of ESG topics, set ESG targets and generate a first report including an ESG target timeline.
“Innovation always means transformation. embodies transformation through innovation by providing actionable insights into carbon footprints for all industrial businesses - empowering them to move into a greener future.”
Susanne Hahn
Managing Partner & CEO of SKV Invest Holding
Become an industry leader
it's good business
Insurance customers are clearly expressing their priorities, with 81% being more inclined to choose insurers that offer sustainable products and policies.
The markets
Currently, 75% of insurers globally have committed to sustainable investment practices, aligning with the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment.
Facts & Figures
By 2025, the value of global insurance premiums incorporating climate risk factors is projected to hit $2.3 trillion. This shows the industry's move towards green practices.
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