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The Climate Action Rating
Celebrating the credible decarbonization of coporates, based on traceable climate action data.
Credible communication
A new era of transparent climate action communication.
Nowadays, we don’t always see enough transparency and credibility when it comes to labels communicating climate action. To counteract this, we created a certification system that is based on automatically traced decarbonization measures on our platform.
Automated tracing
The more actively companies engage with the platform to reduce emissions, the higher their climate action rating is.
Clear methodology
Our labels are founded on a transparent and understandable methodology, ensuring that climate information is easily digestible for end-consumers.
Science based calculations
All calculations within are based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Targets are set in alignment with the 1.5° target of the Paris Agreement.
Transparency Directory
Allow partners and consumers to track your climate journey.
Your label includes a dedicated ID number, which helps others to find your profile in our Transparency Directory.
A clear methodology for credible communication.
Platinum Climate Action Rating
The company has demonstrated the effectiveness of its reduction measures by decreasing its carbon emissions by 25% or more, maintaining compliance with its CO2 budgets for two years, and enhancing reduction efforts within its supply chain. Additionally, the company's data accuracy has been verified through an audit conducted by a carbon management expert.
Gold Climate Action Rating
The company has advanced its decarbonization efforts by establishing a science-based reduction target. Furthermore, it has stayed within the CO2 budget for one year and compensated for 5% of its total emissions.
Silver Climate Action Rating
The company has completed a comprehensive assessment of its entire ESG performance and formulated an ESG strategy for the upcoming two years. Furthermore, suppliers have been integrated into their accounts to extend sustainability practices throughout their supply chain.
Bronze Climate Action Rating
The company has initiated its carbon management journey by beginning to account for its carbon emissions. Additionally, the team has been onboarded to foster sustainability throughout the company.
Transparency all the way
Celebrate your climate action publicly.
Your dedicated profile in our transparency directory is designed to help showcase your climate journey with just a few clicks.
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