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We help you communicate  your climate action credibly.
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A key factor for external communication of climate action is transparency and clarity.
Why accurate claims are crucial in your company's sustainability communication.
The integrity of your company's sustainability claims is not just important - it's essential. Accurate and transparent communication builds trust with consumers, stakeholders, and regulators, aligning with the growing expectations for corporate responsibility. This is particularly important in light of the new Directive on Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition (ECGT), which emphasizes the need for businesses to provide clear, substantiated information about their environmental impact.
We help you navigate complexity
Carbon management and climate action involve intricate technicalities. Our experts help you distill this complexity into clear, comprehensible messages for different audiences.
Risk mitigation
Poor communication can expose companies to reputational risks, accusations of greenwashing, or even legal ramifications. Expert advice minimizes these risks.
Credibility and trust
Our expert guidance ensures that the information you share is accurate. Accidental misinformation can lead to mistrust among stakeholders and potential reputational damage.
Communication assets.
In addition to our expert guidance, the platform already provides different materials for internal and external communication.
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